Saturday, June 12, 2010

So MUCH!!!

I started today discouraged - no one was calling me back - no e/m's of huge donations - no notification from a judge that we could just come pick up Lyla and not have to go through the whole process (well it would be nice).  But really today seemed to be just "yuck" as my 2 yr old would say.  I found out that the social worker that did our home study for Owen is not licensed to do international adoptions.  So I was leaving messages all over to find someone to do another one for us.  No one called me back - so yes I got a little grumpy.  Yes, maybe I was a little mean to my husband.  He is always the one I seem to take things out on - Sorry Sweetie!!  So I decided to get on our blog to cheer me up.  And did it ever!!  My daughter while at school worked on the blog and added some pictures.  I cried and had the chills  because here is a 16 year old girl who shares her house with 2 bio brothers, 1 adopted brother, a foster brother and a foster sister and she is willing to help to bring home Lyla.  She is at school and still wanting to HELP!!!  We are a team and I am so proud to be her MOM.  Ok - so my day turned around Quick!!! 
Then I checked the yahoo rr group page and I had a response for looking for help with a new home study.  The response was yet another reason to pick my head up and SMILE.  Are you ready for this????  A mom, living in the same state, who's husband works in the town I live is adopting a little boy from the same orphanage Lyla is in - for real!!!!!  We exchanged e/m's and Tracey is willing if able to take pictures of Lyla when she goes to meet her son Eamon!!!  Isn't that just the best???
I have another amazing story to tell that is a sure sign from the Heavens Above that we are meant in every way to be Lyla's family - I will be sharing that soon!!!
To end the day - I watched a video clip posted by the Sanchez family  This video captures the most incredible event.  A Mom, Dad and Daughter leaving an orphanage forever.  I of coarse was sobbing uncontrollably.  I couldn't help but picture our "gotcha day" and Thank GOD for all these amazing blessings!!!!

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